West Davis Veterinary - Do not trust West Davis Vet with your pets!

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My fiance and I had a terrible experience at this clinic.My 8 month old miniature Dachshund stayed with them overnight on a Friday, and we picked her up just before the office closed at noon on Saturday.

When they brought her out, she had a bump or two on her head, and didn't really get an answer as to what it was when we asked. Ten minutes after leaving the vet, her entire face and paws were broken out in horrible hives, so bad that her eyes were even swollen shut. The office had closed so we had to take her to an emergency clinic to be treated, an additional $240 on top of the $200 we had just spent at West Davis. We were short on time and barely made it to pick her up on Saturday, and almost just let them keep her there till Monday.

Her reaction started right around noon, which was when the office closed, and had we not picked her up and the staff left at noon, they may not have noticed her allergic reaction, in which case she could have died. Furthermore, the office manager was completely uninterested in customer service or trying to make any of this right for us. We requested that they pay for all or part of her extra treatment given that the reaction was the result of something given to her at their office and they were not open, and they refused.

On the phone, I barely even got an apology, which was followed by, "we don't feel like we did anything wrong." There was zero effort on their part to make the situation right or make us feel confident in leaving our animals with them again.Having no children, my dog and cat are my babies and I would never trust these people to care for them.

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If I was there, I would use your little annoying dog as a football!


Mrs.B, We apologize that you are upset with your recent experience with our practice.

Reactions are unpredictable and these were factors and circumstances beyond our control. Ellie was in a healthy condition when she left our clinic.

Please feel free to contact us with your concerns that we have not already discussed.Thank you, West Davis Veterinary Clinic.

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